I’m Anton. You can find me around the internet as ant6n.

I work at Transit App on making Transit Work. My work includes creating schedule formats, dealing with real time data and predictions, and maps.

I spend most of my free time thinking about public transit. I did my master’s at McGill studying compilers, where I worked on static program analyses for dynamic languages. I also have an undergraduate degree in Math and CS.

I spend tons of time thinking about how to make maps and graphics for transit which are full of information and easy to understand and usable. I’m very interested in how to make public transit work in urban and suburban contexts, and how transit and urban development relate to build more sustainable cities.

See my list of projects.

I blog here about projects I’m working on, public transit ideas I’ve had, and systems I’ve encountered. I’ve written for Spacing Montreal. You can find me on Twitter at @ant6n and on google email as ant6nd.